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DMC Devil May Cry: Not The Dante We Deserve But The One We Need


*Generic Spoiler Warning!!!*


Through Devil May Cry 1-4; Dante has made gamers feel the definition of epic with a grand range of weapons, grand-slam combos, motor cycle tricks, pizza-love and an attitude with enough wit to knock even Captain Jack Sparrow on his feet. That amount of love that the sword-swinging; gunslinger and romancing human/demon Son of Sparda got from his fans, including myself, can only be made by a character whose story makes it a reason to keep using your console. Obviously there was no surprise at the negative outcry towards his western-renewed, emo-looking, foul-mouthed counterpart. Proof can be in the many user reviews of the game that made it seem like the second coming of the Mass Effect 3 ending. Before the game release, the average trailer on Youtube was mainly filled with “Bring old Dante back!” comments. I kept optimistic as no-one can truly know a character until they play the game in full. After myself and many others playing it, I can say this is a Dante that reinvents the Devil May Cry story beautifully. Not because of the “i’ll cut your throat” face that’s been interpreted in pre-release material, but because of the journey he takes and what he is by the end of the game, the first chapter of the DMC story: a hero.



In defence to DMC trollers, I raised my eyebrows to this too. #UrmmOk.

Let’s rewind. Before the first mission, we joined with a
Dante whom instead of going to a diner for a strawberry sundae (a favourite part of the anime), goes to a demon-run strip club with the night ending in a threesome in his trailer. Along the way afterwards, his long-suppressed memories return. He relives the love and pain for his lost mother and father, regains a brother; falls in love. All while on a course

of vengeance against the Demon King Mundus, at the same time freeing mankind from the

same pain he had to bare. Before Kat knocked on his trailer door,

Dante lived like he was going to die tomorrow because there was a chance he was going to die tomorrow. He couldn’t live that way anymore, because he now had people he cared for: People that needed him. People he had to fight for.  image

Playing as a pissed off half demon/half angel with a giant fire-axe: SOLD!

Fast forwarding to the end of the epic boss fight: Dante, along with his brother Vergil have slain Mundus. Vengeance has been made and their goal is accomplished. Man-kind is free. Happiness only lasts for a moment. Why? Because it turns out Vergil; the brother Dante was overjoyed to reunite with, his only family left, was only on his own quest for power by replacing Mundus. For the sake of all humans, Dante stops his brother to the point of having to almost kill him, severing the tie with his beloved brother. image

Dante: stopping an evil along with his brother, then having to prevent him from being the same.

From mission 1-20, this Dante is a character with a tale of development that you would think only a poet could think of (still with a whole heap of kickass-ness to go with it), one I assume that has only just begun. By the time we get to the middle of the hopeful sequel; Dante will carry on to not only a character we as gamers could relate to if we were in his situation but one we could aspire to be as strong, heroic, and as badass in a caring way aswell. 

Those of you guys who still want to whine before you buy: chillax, relax and enjoy the awesome.




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